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Vista 4x4 Outback Adventure Club

Club Aims : Climb every Mountain, Build lasting friendships , Explore all of Australia, Find as many free camp sites as possible.

Future Trips
Next Trip in 2011 will be Travelling again to New Zealand this time going by sea on the Dawn Princess i will be updating our adventures along the way so click here To See where we Have been . Or Click on the Dawn Princess Menu Bar to see how the Adventure is going .

The Executive Committed
Shane,{Trip Leader & 4x4 Technical Adviser},  -   Frank {Camp oven Cooking Adviser}     Barry, {Alternative Route Advise ie: Getting lost}

Shane at Double Island

Frank Cooking


Membership Criteria

                1.   Fees paid by way of a bottle of port around the campfire
                2.   Must have a sense of humour
                3.   Must be thick skinned
                4.   Can preform charades
                5.   Can attend boys weekends
All members are for life and meetings are held on camping weekends.
You can contact Vista4x4 at          Latest update - 04th January 2011.